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Authentic   Traditional   Indigenous 

When You Buy From Indijah Bead you are Purchasing Genuine Authentic 

Indigenous Beadwork And Supporting A Female Indigenous Artist.

All Pieces are made by Hand Honouring This Traditional  Skill.


Thank you 

"Reconnect with yourself"


- Desiree -
Self Taught Interior Salish Beadworker Raised on the West coast Just Outside Of Vancouver Canada, My Mother was born within our Community of Lower Nicola, The Nłeʔkepmxc Nation (pronounced Ng-khla-kap-muhx). I Like to say that Beading Found me and Saved My Life. My Art is my Expression of the Beautiful Land I was Raised On and My Connection to it. I focus on Putting Powerful Positive Intention into my BeadWork, You will Feel the strong Medicine it Carries. Beading Has allowed Me to Reconnect With My Culture and Community.